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What Happens to Plastic Bottles?

Have you ever wondered what happens to a plastic bottle once you throw it out? Not many people really give it a second thought.

When you don´t recycle your water bottle it goes into land fill or in some countries is dumped out at sea.

Here are some facts to consider:

  1. Plastic bottles take around 500-700 years to break down depending on the plastic type
  2. 80-90% of the cost of bottle water is the plastic bottle itself
  3. A large percentage of plastic bottles are not recycled, which means they are thrown out into landfills, the sea or just around us - we see them everywhere.
  4. Bottling and then shipping waters leaves a terrible carbon footprint - it is a very expensive way to drink water.
  5. There are toxic chemicals in plastic drinking bottles that can harm the water, especially if the bottle is left in the sun.
  6. In New South Wales alone, Australian Bureau of Statistics figures reveal that eight percent of the population says bottled water is their main source of drinking water. (source)
  7. Statistics also show that, while 93 percent of Australian homes are connected to mains water, nearly 20 percent rely on bottled water for basic household tasks. (source)
  8. Bottled water is 1000 times more expensive than tap water, when you add the cost of production of the bottle and the pollution outcome is even more costly.
  9. If your home is over 60 years old, ask your plumber to check any original pipes and fixtures for lead.
  10. Australia produced 582.9 million litres of bottled water in 2009-2010.
  11. Approximately 15,253.79 tonnes of PET (plastic bottles) was used in the packaging of bottled water in 2009-2010
  12. Australia´s annual use of bottled water generates more than 60,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions - the same amount that 13,000 cars generate over the course of a year.
  13. Bottled water has now become a fashion accessory - checkout the designs of the bottles, the marketing and the media images of a healthy person drinking bottled water. They used to market tobacco like this and even show Dr´s smoking and recommending ciggys! Don´t believe me? Here is the advertisement: