BPA Free Sports and Drinking Bottles Turn tap water into Alkaline filtered water at a very low cost and reduce the use of plastic toxic BPA bottles that harm your health

Papers & References

Plastic Bags Fact Sheet, every year Australians consume more than 4 billion supermarket plastic

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Does Rapid Metabolism Ensure Negligible Risk from Bisphenol A?

A scientific research project for evaluating the many regulatory bodies because the exposure is widespread and the potential exists for toxicity at low doses. Read More

Direct Evidence Revealing Structural Elements Essential for the High Binding Ability of Bisphenol A to Human Estrogen-Related Receptor - y

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Thirsty for Change - USA

Documenting the World Bank's destructive practice of financing water privatization policies in the developing world.

Tapping Congress to Get Off the Bottle - USA

Renewing our public water systems begins by turning off the spigot to bottled water.

Public Water Works! The case for prioritizing our most essential public service - USA

Whang, Sang - Reverse Aging, JSP Publishing, Miami, FL, 1990

News articles

Many of our images in our slide show came from this site and the article is excellent reading

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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Water Bottle Pollution Facts

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Bottled water banned to save environment

By: Exclusive by Saffron Howden, Environment Reporter From: The Daily Telegraph November 22, 200712:00AM Read Article

Plastic (Not) Fantastic

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A Month without Plastic

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Bringing Cancer to the Dinner Table

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BPA dangers in Tin Cans

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