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Is Bottle Water Safer than Tap Water?

In an interesting article on Crikey, they state that "bottled water is constantly promoted as pure and natural, but research by the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism shows it undergoes an industrial bottling process that actually increases risks of contamination compared to tap water."

This article on why does bottled water have an expiration date? Also raises some interesting points.

Without really understanding the chemistry in plastics; my thoughts are that they have to emit some kind of poison/contamination to the water as the plastic bottles are made from highly toxic chemicals. While I realise there are issues with tap water, the environmental problems with plastic bottled water are causing our planet to suffer. This in turn will lead to many future generations paying for what we are doing now; either financially or through sickness, and our wildlife will also suffer.

Here is an entertaining film on how the future will look at us - entertaining yet there is a point.

This article on the ABC had some interesting comments - (source), also this article in the UK Telegraph (source) tells us that the consumer just assumes the water is clean because of the price tag. It makes sense we pay a premium price so we expect quality, however they found high levels of bacteria in bottled water. Bottled water has also been imported from China which is a worrying thought.

As mentioned previously; it is important you do not keep your bottled water in the sun as this can be harmful to your health. The heat will cause the plastic to leach toxins into the water you drink. So next time your child leaves a water bottle in the car, make sure you do not let them drink the old water as it could be toxic for your child. You also should not reuse your plastic bottle more than three times as it starts to break down and emit toxic poisons into the water.

Filtering tap water makes far more sense to me and it is also far more cost effective compared to bottled water. The issue of course is finding the right filter that will remove most of the toxic impurities in water and still be affordable.

I looked at many different filtered stainless steel bottles and finally settled on our product, this took me many months of researching, emailing, asking questions as I really had no loyalty to any of the filtered bottle companies because I was looking for the best I could be objective in my decision. It was important for me to find to resolve the problem of wanting to drink the best possible water we can for a fair price.

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