BPA Free Sports and Drinking Bottles Turn tap water into Alkaline filtered water at a very low cost and reduce the use of plastic toxic BPA bottles that harm your health

How You Can Help

We can make a difference at the checkout by making a conscious decision to stop or reduce plastic consumption. Collectively we can force retailers to start thinking about what they sell to us. If enough people stopped buying bottled water; these large companies would have to rethink what they sell to us and either change or go out of business. Here are some ideas:how you can help stop plastic bottle pollution

  1. Use cloth shopping bags when going to the supermarket
  2. Try to buy fruit and vegetables are not wrapped in plastic and if your local shop doesn´t have a non plastic options then tell them.
  3. Try to buy things in glass, it is not only better for you but glass recycles well
  4. Tell people about this site, refer them to pages within the site that they should know about like our slide show page which shows some shocking images of plastic pollution
  5. Stop drinking water that comes in plastic bottles, it is unhealthy and a big pollution cost.
  6. Post a link to our website on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media page.
  7. Make it a workplace project to not drink bottled water and encourage your work colleagues to visit our site.
  8. Make sure you recycle as much of your plastic as you can, try not to throw it out in non recycled rubbish bins
  9. Remember it takes between 500 - 700 years for plastic to decompose, plastic has been around for about 130 years now so that means that most of the plastic we have produced is still around.
  10. Many cities are not recycling their plastic bottles and have very low recycle percentages
  11. Try not to buy food that comes with plastic toys for the kids - they play with it for less than a week and then it´s thrown out and will take hundreds of years to break down
  12. Try to buy products that you can refill, there are more and more stores setting up bulk buying that is not only cheaper because you bring your own packaging but helps save plastic usage.
  13. When shopping make comments about plastic packaging to retailers, often they need to be educated as many people have no idea about the horrors of plastic.
  14. Make a conscious choice to find products that will eliminate or reduce plastic consumption, like our stainless steel water bottles with filters, you not only save money, the water is clean and you will then start doing your part to help the planet.

how you can help stop plastic bottle pollutionOne person cannot change the planet however; if we make choices at the checkout then together in mass numbers we can certainly reduce plastic usage. Learn, research and become aware of what is going on around you - the internet provides lots of information that traditional media cannot stop or filter - some garbage and some good - you make your own mind up.