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pH Test Kit (Litmus Strips)

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Achieving and maintaining a proper pH balance in your body is vital to your health and well-being. In its natural state, the pH of the body is slightly alkaline. It must maintain this slightly alkaline state for your very survival, and has developed complex mechanisms to ensure that this balance is maintained. Most of us are natural alkaline producers in our early years. However, as we age, the majority of us become overly acidic.

An imbalanced pH affects all cellular activity in the body. Having pH balance has the following benefits:

  • Promotes normal blood sugar levels
  • Helps maintain proper cholesterol levels
  • Promotes proper electrolyte activity and efficient heart function
  • Helps maintain healthy circulatory system
  • Encourages normal energy levels
  • Promotes bone health, digestive health, and healthy immunity

The strip litmus paper is 4 metres long, giving around 90 tests from one roll. It is calibrated to the human body pH range to give maximum accuracy. You only need to use 5mm per test.

Although blood pH is the best indicator of health, saliva and urine are usually quite accurate in telling cellular pH. If you choose to test the pH of your saliva, do not eat for 2 hours prior to the test to avoid throwing off the results.

This test is useful to allow you to see if your body is too acidic or for that matter too alkalised. It is important you keep your body in an alkalised state to help you keep healthy.

Our easy-to-use, a quality pH test strip comes with a colour-coded chart that will allow you to see what level you pH is at. Try to avoid testing your urine sample shortly after waking up. Breathing decreases during sleep, thereby causing respiratory acidosis. This, in turn, causes urine samples taken upon waking to be highly acidic. You might also want to take a look at the book "Acid Alkaline Food Guide" we have for alkalised foods which will help you pick the right foods if you have too much acid in your body. The cost of postage is the same if you buy the book with test kit.