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Heavy Metal Screen Kit

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World's first Immediate Method of Screening Heavy Metals in any Aqueous solution. This test is ideal to allow you test your water supply to see what it contains. Accurate results require certified laboratory testing. This test is to be looked at indicative to allow you to see an indicative result from your own tap or you could try it on your favourite brand of bottled water to see how pure it really is.

Each kit contains 8 tests.
  • Easy to test.
  • Quick and reliable result.
  • Ability to quickly test your drinking water and/or efficiency of your water filter.
  • Ability to quickly and conveniently obtain the heavy metal/urine concentration or body detoxification/chelation capacity.
  • Ability to track the heavy metal concentration or detoxification/chelation capacity over time as the patient supplements with detoxification/chelation products.
  • The assessment of the heavy metal concentration or detoxification capacity may serve as an early indicator associated with heavy metal intoxication.
  • Objective, scientific-proven procedure

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