BPA Free Sports and Drinking Bottles Turn tap water into Alkaline filtered water at a very low cost and reduce the use of plastic toxic BPA bottles that harm your health

Australian Tap Water

Is our tap water safe? Many people do not drink tap water because they feel it is unsafe. A lot of this fear comes from the marketing campaigns by bottled water companies. They want you to buy their water, because it makes them rich. We know there are chemicals in our dams, however these chemicals are also found in bottled water; more so due to the plastic bottles they sit in. The risk increases even more when bottled water is left out in the sun, in the back of your car or when they have been put through the dishwasher or under the hot water tap.

The question is how do we get clean fresh water without chemicals and fluoride? In reality there is no way to really know because we cannot test our water every time we drink it. You can start getting proactive and look at quality filters which do help and are a lot more cost effective than bottled water.

  1. Australians spend an average of around 500 million dollars a year on bottled water
  2. In many cases a litre of bottled water is more expensive to produce than a litre of petrol
  3. Australia produced 582.9 million litres of bottled water in 2209-2010
  4. Australia´s annual use of bottled water generates more than 60,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions - the same amount that 13,000 cars generate over the course of a year.
  5. There are chemicals in our dams such as lead, mercury and many more which is harming our natural dams and giving the bottle companies fuel to market to us to buy their product.The problem is their product is even more toxic than many of the dams around Australia.
  6. Fluoride is deadly and even though the majority of dentists support fluoride to be added to our water ways, it shouldn´t be. It´s not rocket science we have more tooth decay because we consume lots of soft drinks, processed foods, and sugar.

Take a look at our Stainless Steel drinking bottles and see how much contamination they can take out of the water while you drink. If most people changed over to reusing a stainless steel drinking bottle with a filter then we would save so much plastic going into our planet.

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Watch the Documentary "Fire Water" the real story behind Fluoride in our water.