BPA Free Sports and Drinking Bottles Turn tap water into Alkaline filtered water at a very low cost and reduce the use of plastic toxic BPA bottles that harm your health

About Us

Michelle Allen

My name is Michelle Allen and I am passionate about health and own a successful web design company Webstuff.biz Pty Ltd. I like to create websites which help to educate people about some of the many harmful health and environmental issues affecting our society. The internet is a very powerful research tool that allows us to find information quickly whenever we need it.

The information I have compiled on this website has come mainly from many other websites and papers which I have spent hours reading. I am not a scientist, nutritionist or health professional; however I lost 30Kg only recently and had to teach myself about food nutrition, healthy lifestyle and exercise. The journey has been a slow one for me however it´s been one that has made me passionate about staying healthy because it took me so long to get healthy and I feel so much younger than my real age.

When I first saw the film "Tapped" I was horrified when I found out what is going on with the massive amount of pollution and environmental damage caused by plastic water bottles being thrown out into our environment.

I started researching online about the effects of pollution caused by water bottles. What I found was scary, and I can´t believe governments around the world are letting our environment degrade to this level from all the rubbish being dumped.

I too have been guilty of purchasing water in plastic bottles for convenience. Drinking water is of course better than soft drink however; I was surprised when I found out that bottled water is not regulated or tested as much as our local council water supplies.

Like most people I have always assumed that bottled water is 100% free from impurities - well it´s not always and sometimes we do not know if the water we are drinking is 100% pure or where it has come from: and how could we? It´s not like we test the water every time we drink it; we automatically make the assumption that it is safe for us to drink.

The waste caused by plastic bottles having been thrown into our environment has now become a major worldwide problem.  I´ve created this website to provide you with some valuable information.

Hopefully I have given you some good reasons to stop buying water in plastic bottles and switch over to a much better alternative - a stainless steel water bottle with a replaceable filter to take the impurities out of our water.

We need to find a solution to reduce the waste yet we need to be able to take water with us and drink it whenever we need to. After all water is a far healthier choice than consuming soft drink or energy drinks.

Our high quality water bottles are made from food grade stainless steel bottles that contain a filter that will remove up to 99.9 % of contamination from water such as heavy metals, copper, lead, mercury, chromium 6, viruses, diseases, fluoride, spores, toxic chemicals, dirt and much more. I have tested these bottles and have to say I was quite surprised with the high quality and what it can do.

The added bonus with the stainless steel bottle is that it also alkalises the water. Read the special page on this website to find out about the importance of alkalising water.

This website is really aimed toward educating people to stop using plastic bottles and do both their health and the environment a big favour. The solution I have found will work for people that care about their water quality, health and the environment.

I hope you will suggest this site to everyone you know and help educate people to stop using plastic water bottles. Just aim to convert one person at a time and ultimately millions will stop drinking water out of plastic bottles.

The filter in these bottles is a clever idea: the water flows well through the fine gauze and then up a straw-like device to the mouthpiece. If you purchase the bottles through us you will get a free alkalising filter to leave in your water bottle to turn your water into an alkalised state. The filters are also replaceable which is great.